We are girl-fronted band Alice Blue and our sound is the sound of an old destitute city, our city, caught between an unknown future and past open wounds. But in the midst of this uncertainty we found charm, hopefulness and it inspired us. We want our music to be loud and big, to reflect our positive outlook on our surroundings. We want the wall of sound to hit the people at their most vulnerable and hopefully bring about change within them and within us.

We worked hard on our debut album - Matter which we released last year. It represents where we are as people and where we are going to thanks to our relentless drive. The songs have been played on Radio SI, Val 202 (Radio Slovenia 2), MTV Adria and generated a good response from our audience.

This is why we feel that we need to take our music on the road and share it with everyone we can. So far we`ve been lucky enough to travel all the way down to Portugal and up to Czech Republic and Sweden. Everywhere we went, we felt that great vibe given back to us by the people we met and we can`t wait to continue our journey.

Our surroundings define us and the music we make. We believe in it 100% because it is a reflection of who we are. If you feel the same way, would like to work with us and have us play at your festival, contact us! It will mean a lot!

See you on the road,
Žiga, Laura, Domen


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