And so there were three

Added: 18.08.2015 by: Žiga Mravlje
As years go by people can sometimes change… Their wishes, desires, goals, dreams, taste in music… all of that can change.

So much so that they might not find the joy in what they used to love doing. Or sometimes they don’t but people around them change. Nevertheless, the end result remains the same. You get a bunch of people who are not completely happy with what they are doing and that is never a good thing.

That was kind of what was happening in our band for the past 6 months or so. We were in love with what we were doing but something was off. We all knew that. We came to a point where we needed to talk it through and figure out how to move on… or rather – not, as it was the case for two of our members. Matej and Rene decided to quit the band from different reasons ; the first because the music genre we were flirting with was not really his cup of tea and the latter because studying medicine and touring don’t really mix and match.

Although heart broken in a way, we all supported their decisions with a wish they both end up living their dreams. We love them both and they will always be a very important part of the Alice Blue family.

And so there were three.


We aren’t going to lie – it is scary. But we decided to find inspiration in that and are already writing new material and by new I mean NEW, at least for us. We’ve never done anything like that but we love it. It is going to take a long time for us to have enough material for the next full length album but we love the process of creating these new songs that show a completely different side of us.

Though in the process of ‘reinventing’ ourselves, finding a crew that will blend in seamlessly and writing new songs we will still continue to do live shows. In fact, we have some very exciting news coming your way but you will have to wait a few more weeks for that.

At this point we’d like to thank each and every one of you for all of the support. We could not do any of this without you and we really appreciate it. Every like, every comment, every share, every CD you buy, you help us get a little bit closer to our dreams. So thank you for that.

Have a great day and you’ll definitely be hearing more from us in the near future.

Laura, Domen and Žiga




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