Calm down ma`am you`re not in Finland

Added: 2.09.2014 by: Žiga Mravlje
Finally got a decent amount of sleep whew … The drive took a toll on us and playing the first show was a bit challenging, we managed to pull it off really well anyway ;)

After a short stop for a morning coffee in downtown Jönköping we loaded our butts into our van and followed Mikael - one of our dear hosts to the small town of Gränna. It’s such a gorgeous little town - famous for making the candy canes which originate from there. We saw how it’s been made, bought some, though i just kept on thinking about how many candy canes can you roll in your life before they lock you up in the loony ward? 

Onwards towards Linkoping! While we didn’t really get to see much of the city, the venue was really great. Very nice equipment and amazing sound - great food as well :D Shout out to Johan and David for handling the gig as it should be. I even think we made them our fans in the process :D After soundcheck our buddies from Individen&Kungarna showed up and it was like the Portugal tour only happened two weeks ago. I think it’s the wackyness of the people involved that connects us so well and as soon as you put both bands in the same room - I’M GONNA NEED YOU TO CALM DOWN, MA’AM.

The last show was Gislaved and to be honest i didn’t really know what to expect from it. Judging by the headlining band, who were older guys playing blues jams … will we and Eau Rouge even fit in? :D But it turned out to be a great gig, with people supporting us all the way through the set (even though i completely f’ed up Get Somewhere :D) … shout out to the drunk guy from Finland. Yes we are indeed from Slovenia and you are from Finland - we get it XD

We stopped by Gothenburg on our way home, bought some lunch and had a quick look around. Lovely city to which i’m definitely going to return to check it out some more. We said goodbye to the guys in Eau Rouge, who we had a great time with and if possible we’ll do more shows with in the future, boarded our van and started the long drive home.

There’s not much more i can say about this tour but that it was simply great. The organizers, Bilda, the bands, the people and the fans - it stays with you for a lifetime. Sweden impressed us in every single way and we will return! :) I’d like to thank everyone involved in making this possible: Uroš for the killer sound, Klemen for the killer lights and fog :D, Henrik, Mikael, Albin, Johan, David, Andréas, Tommy for making this possible. Very special thanks to: Bo, Magnus and Jonas for putting up with us this tour and our heavy characters :D and to Benjamin, Matt, Martin & Anton for making it feel like at home. Hannes & Tobias you were missed, can’t wait to see you again :D


Thanks and we’ll see you on the road! ;)


p.s.: Don’t forget to check out Eau Rouge here ->