Czech this out!

Added: 29.08.2014 by: Laura Pešak
Soooo... it`s been a while. How ya doin`? We were so busy with the album and tour preparations and all that jazz that we kind of forgot about our blog.

But what better time to start writing again than when you`re on the road, right?

Honestly, nothing much happened yesterday morning. We managed to leave on time though at one point I wasn`t sure we were gonna make it. Not with all the gear anyways. You really have no idea how much gear your band owns until you need to stuff it in not that big of a van. Let me tell you - making the most out of every possible nook and cranny in the van is a must (and it`s also kind of satisfying when everything has it`s own place). We had a smooth ride to Brno, apart from a minor traffic jam and rain. Pouring rain. Thankfully it stopped by the time we reached the m13 club.

The m13 club itself is kind of awesome, I have to say. The place is filled with guitars (squires and cheap `Lidl` type of guitars but it still looks cool) and drawings/posters/graffiti of everything Iron Maiden. We unloaded the gear, set the stage and were told we`re supposed to wait for the club`s sound tech to arrive. It was less than two hours until the show was supposed to begin so after a while we decided not to wait anymore. Off course we got into trouble. The boss told us we shouldn`t start without the tech and that the show starts later than it was supposed to. Well, long story short, that sound tech never showed up and we managed without him just fine. There was a lot of people just randomly coming in during the sound check which was weird in a way, but I was glad to see that most of them decided to stay for the show.

The first one to hit the stage was Ian – a very talented musician with an amazing voice and great personality. We were next and the show went great. The crowd was not huge but they were awesome! The only problem we had was the insulation foam that was coming out of the wall behind Matej. It magically stopped when the show was over. Weird.

After the show we talked to some fans that came to the club just to see us and had a beer or two with our friend Michal. At this point I just want to thank him again for everything he and his wife Martina did for us. You guys are awesome!

After everyone left we filled the air beds and crashed on the stage. Personally – it took me less than a minute to fall asleep, I was that tired.

Right now we`re sitting in a van, driving through Germany. Uroš and Žiga are talking about football, Domen is taking pictures, Matej and Rene are watching Dexter, Klemen is stuffing his face with cookies while studying and I`m writing this blog, laughing to the three idiots sitting behind me.

Till tomorrow…