Recording our first album...

Added: 19.04.2014 by: Laura Pešak
After months of writing, practicing and working hard on the songs we’re finally here… in the studio recording our first album.

It’s beyond exciting to hear the songs finally coming together. Don’t get me wrong - trying to record an album in 10 days is a lot of work and it’s not always easy. You get frustrated after realising that something doesn’t work as you thought it would. You get tired and cranky and then your band mates remind you that you’re actually doing great and that all you need is some sun and food. Junk food if nothing else. And chocolate. But honestly - moments like that are rare. We pretty much just have fun, laugh at inappropriate jokes and listen to the songs over and over. Sometimes you get hit by a sudden rush of inspiration or you just fall asleep on the couch (and yes, there are pictures and videos and all that jazz… because- kindergarden). Some might find it boring but to us it’s the (second) best thing in the world. 


Some might find the decision where to record their album hard but to us it was pretty much a no-brainer. We met Simon (owner of the Studio Evolucija) a year and a half ago when we got a chance to record a single with him. We got along really well because he understood exactly what we were trying to do. And after we all got over that initial shyness we found out he is just as crazy as we are, which was a big plus. We worked with him for two days, had a blast, decided that he will be the producer for our first album and never looked back.


Oh and we found a new guitar player who is recording his parts as I’m typing this. Want to know who it is? We’ll let you know… soon… ;)