So it`s safe to say that we like Sweden

Added: 30.08.2014 by: Laura Pešak
So what can I say… Sweden is great. Just… awesome.

We arrived to Jönköping at around 9AM and had no trouble what so ever at finding the hotel. And oh my, it is completely different from any youth hostels we’ve ever been to. It’s an actual hotel with sauna, fitness and jacuzzi. Very ‘rock and roll’. We went to our rooms, shaved Klemen’s hair, had a well deserved shower and unpacked our stuff.

We got to meet the guys from Eau Rouge (a German band that is touring with us) at lunch and we got to talk to our tour/exchage ‘manager’ Henrik about the schedule. Mikael told us a little bit about the history of Jönköping and the history of Sweden in general. Since the venue was actually in the club under the hotel we got to unload our gear right after lunch. Some of us took a short power nap (I was one of them) and some guys were hanging at the venue, listening to the soundchecks.

The show itself was great. We were supporting a local band called Crow Country Outlaw and quite a lot of people showed up, which was awesome. The venue itself was really nice and the people were very supportive, friendly and seemed to really enjoy our music. It was awesome to get such positive feedback from people who have never heard us play before.
Eau Rouge hit the stage next and these guys are amazing! You need to check them out. Their sound is really unique and different in a very good way. Crow Country Outlaw did a great job as well and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for sharing the stage with us.

And just to support our claim about how very nice Swedish people are - when we got off the stage and put away our gear it was already pretty late so the kitchen was closed. Because we did’t get a chance to eat they were kind enough to open it up just for us and they made us the best freakin’ burgers and fries we’ve ever tasted!

After that we were just hanging with the guys from Eau Rouge, Leaving Her Breathless (who are coming to Slovenia in a couple of weeks) and Crow Country Outlaw, had some beer and went to bed. It was a loooooong day.

Next up … Linköping and how we met up with our friends from Individen & Kungarna … stay tuned ;)


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