Alice Blue – Matter Review

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Published on: 29.09.2014
"Alice blue is a pale tint of azure that was favored by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, which sparked a fashion sensation in the United States" (Wikipedia). It also happens to be the name of a Slovenian Alt Rock band. A rather good one too. So good in fact they`ve even played at Slovenia`s premier Mudfest, sorry, I meant Rock Festival, Rock Otočec (seriously though, lots of mud).

The band consists of Laura Pešak (lead vocals), Rene Petrovič (guitar), Žiga Mravlje (guitar), Matej Plesnik (drums) and Domen Škrle (Bass), and only formed in 2012. "Matter" is their debut album, and it`s a pretty decent one. There are ten tracks on offer, and it`s nigh on impossible to draw comparisons with the likes of Paramore, or even The Karma Heart. Alice Blue may not be as punchy but the makings and possibilities are certainly there.

Even though it`s a debut album there are certainly plenty of highlights on offer. Opening track "City Gates" isn`t short on atmosphere which just envelops the listener. It`s warm and rich with a positive feeling to it. "Bite Your Tongue" is a great follow up but you can`t help but feel that it sounds like a track that wouldn`t be out of place on some sort of US show like Ally McBeal.

There`s a nice amount of variance whilst still being unmistakeably Alice Blue. "Never Give In" at the start had me thinking of Duran Duran before the vocals kicked in and "Red Clouds", my personal favourite, Laura sounds almost like Alanis Morissette. As well as some impressive vocals, there`s some great guitar work on show in "Mending Fences" and "Starcrossed", which has a lovely acoustic guitar taking centre stage as an introduction before a delicate guitar solo weaves its magic.
It`s a great initial effort from Alice Blue and we look forward to hearing more from them.

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